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And yet, the 44-year-old cofounder, chair and frequent spokesperson for the Vermont Freedom to Marry Task Force never stepped up to the mic.

The unassuming leader of the movement stood quietly in a doorway — a proud witness to Vermont’s progress since the civil-union debate unfolded 10 years ago.

Jim Douglas will sign it, and if he doesn’t, whether there are enough votes to override a veto.

Robinson was reluctant to be interviewed for this story, and some of her friends and coworkers opted not to talk about her with .

Over the ensuing year and a half, she and other volunteers engaged in public discussions wherever they could on the gay-marriage issue, laying not only a legal framework for , but also a political groundwork for its eventual acceptance by the public.

In the early 1990s, as a relatively new associate at Langrock, Sperry and Wool in Middlebury, she and Murray began “bumping into situations where our clients were suffering real injustices and hardships in their families because the law didn’t recognize a family where one existed.” Around that time, the California Supreme Court was looking at the same-sex marriage issue, and gay-rights advocates all over the country were examining what their own states were doing, and whether litigation was the avenue for change.

At the time, Vermont had no case law on gay marriage per se, though Murray had represented a same-sex couple who’d been awarded a second-parent adoption — a precursor to the 1993 Vermont Supreme Court ruling establishing second-parent adoption statewide.

“Vermonters from across the state are engaged in it, and I think it speaks highly of our state.” Robinson was one of the attorneys who successfully argued the 1999 Vermont Supreme Court case, , which led to Vermont’s civil-union law. On Monday night, the Vermont Senate voted in favor of same-sex marriage.

But even if the bill gets through the House, it’s unclear whether Gov.

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