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It’s the values and trends in our culture that are the problem, that are being expressed on these devices and through this technology. For me, more than social media, this piece is about our society’s attitudes towards women and girls—attitudes that girls have to deal with daily, in their interactions with boys, and in their introduction to sex.

When and how did some of these attitudes originate?

There’s no space or time limit on when you can chat with someone or discuss sex with someone, if you want to—and that’s something very new for kids.

For me this piece isn’t about being shocked that teenagers are having sex or are interested in sex.

In other words, what’s going on in the lives of quote, unquote normal girls? These are places where trends tend to arise and exist in a heightened state.If a guy likes you, he's going to make sure that any opportunity he has to see you, he will.Nancy Jo Sales’s September 30th piece, “Friends Without Benefits,” generated enormous response from readers both on and through several social-media channels that also appear in her article.Jenna’s story was so powerful to me because there is no reason for Jenna to be anything but happy and carefree.She’s a beautiful young woman, doing incredibly well, already working professionally in her chosen field. At 19, she’s already been through a lot: she has been cyber-bullied; she was dumped online; all this craziness had happened to her.

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How are these different from what they were in the past? You didn’t carry around AOL chat in your pocket or look at it when you were in class.

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