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Applicants must meet all of the standards of the pilot program, including all skilled nursing facility (SNF) regulations not modified by those standards. (1) they have experience in operating one or more health care facilities that offer the same level of care to be furnished in a SHSNF pilot facility; (2) the proposed pilot facility will meet all of the requirements of the locational and building design standards for the SHSNF PP, including providing assurances that the pilot facility will meet all requirements of the local jurisdiction having authority over planning and zoning for the proposed site; (3) the applicant will be able to complete the development process and become operational on or before January 1, 2020; and (4) the applicant possesses the requisite financial qualifications outlined below. Applicants must submit one complete copy of each application package by mail, express carrier, or by hand on or before the submittal deadline. The applicant is responsible for any delivery failures or errors.

(c) Applicants must certify that they will participate in the SHSNF PP evaluation and will comply with all of the operational standards for a SHSNF, including the staff training and orientation requirements. The applicant must also submit the entire application package electronically, either by email, USB flash drive, CD, or other electronic storage medium.

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Health and Safety Code (HSC) sections 1250(c)(2) and 1323.5, et seq.

CDPH will not review any information or materials received after the submission date, Applications received after the deadline for the first round of applications (June 15, 2018) will be held over to the second round, unless withdrawn by the applicant.Purchasers of ITV Digital were sent a free soft toy Monkey with their subscription.For a period during the advertising campaign and after ITV Digital's bankruptcy, the original promotional Monkey toy were in high demand and short supply.PG launched a website selling the newly branded "PG Monkey" merchandise with profits being donated to Comic Relief, who still own the intellectual property rights.The online shop has since closed but during promotions PG Tips have given away free mini-Monkeys packaged with their tea.

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The P&P topics shall include, at a minimum: (A) administrative, including policies regarding smoking/non-smoking;(B) dietetic service; (C) infection control; (D) staffing and resident care, including personnel duty statements; and (E) staff training and orientation programs; (A) a brief description of each proposed training or orientation module in compliance with the SHSNF Training and Orientation Standards;(B) the number of hours to be dedicated to each module;(C) the methodology to be used to determine each employee’s initial and on-going competency/proficiency in a given module; (D) the identity of the company, organization, or other parties that will instruct each training module; and(E) the identity/position of each employee of the SHSNF who will conduct each orientation module; and in the selection process and is a finalist for the SHSNF PP, as described in paragraph IX.(d), below, CDPH will collect a licensing fee pursuant to HSC section 1323.5(h)(2), subject to the following: (1) for current SNF licensees that intend to only convert existing beds into a distinct part (DP) SHSNF pursuant to CCR, Title 22, section 72041, without adding any beds, no additional licensing fee will be required;(2) if a current SNF licensee intends to develop a DP SHSNF that will add beds to its license, its annual license fee will be adjusted to reflect the new bed count; (3) for all other types of health care licensees that intend to add a DP SHSNF to an existing facility, the bed count of the DP SHSNF will be added to the license of the associated facility, with the licensing fee adjusted to reflect that addition; and(4) for all other types of health care licensees that have an existing DP SNF and intend to convert DP SNF beds to a SHSNF, no additional fee will be required, with the licensing fee for the SHSNF beds being the same as for the DP SNF beds.

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