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There’s no way in hell I’m getting naked out there and I think it would be really, really hard to get turned on when I might have to ask, “Is that your dick or something else?

Because it feels kind of weird.” Then some crazy bug ends up in my vagina and I’m scarred for life.

I like my sex nice and comfy with just enough oomph to prove I’m not dead. Mutual masturbation is also a great choice, especially when we can’t use the a/c and the idea of sweaty skin on skin action is so, so gross but you’re horny anyway.

Climbing up into the bed requires stepping on the couch or the generator housing and then squirming your way up. Part of this grand adventure has always included wild camping and we’ve done that a few times now.

It’s cumbersome but I don’t think Will minds when it’s me and my bare bum scrambling up and he’s got the view from the couch. Deserted beaches, clear water, impossibly beautiful night skies.

We have a small couch about the size of a twin bed. We have a small counter with a sink, two burner stove, and a fridge.

It’s designed for sleeping, cooking, and escaping the elements. But design flaws aren’t really going to stop a couple of people from having sex. But there are only about 18 inches of headroom so that kind of puts some limits on what can and can’t be done in the bed.

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