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One includes the so-called 'Aussie flu', a strain of influenza A which wreaked havoc on hospitals in Australia during the country's winter.

The H3N2 subtype triggered two and a half times the normal number of cases in Australia.

Nick Phin, of PHE, said: 'Flu activity, as measured by a number of different systems, has continued to increase in the last week or two.

'This is to be expected as the season progresses and at this point the numbers are in-keeping with previous years.'The circulating flu strains match those in the current flu vaccine, so the vaccine remains the best defence against the virus.'The PHE figures follow repeated predictions by researchers that the flu vaccine may only be 20 per cent effective this winter - just like last year.

Some 2,117 people have been infected with norovirus since July.

The figure has raised at a steady level week-on-week since October.

The Red Cross branded the situation a 'humanitarian crisis' - a term used to describe the devastating civil war in Syria and Yemen.

And concerned doctors warned patients will have to 'sleep, take paracetamol and pray' ahead of the impending winter crisis.

The NHS is expected to face unprecedented pressure in the coming months, as campaigners fear it will be disastrous amid soaring waiting lists in A&E.

They were there the night the wall was drowned In the surging of that tidal crowd: An old world made new On the same holy ground.

She found him standing, looking lost In the shadow of St.

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Britain's flu season tends to mirror what has happened there.

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