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I am displaying a subset of the total properties exposed by Member having declared the fields in the ASP page.

One of the derived classes has an additional field that I want to display as well when that class instance is returned.

Step one is to select the Country from a dropdownlist which is set to Auto Post Back=true.

How do I programmatically add this field to the Details View fields collection at ...objectdatasource and business objects with object properties Hi Lets say i have a business object called Customer which has a property called Address which is itself and object of type Address (in this sense there is a one-to-one relationship between Customer and Address). Object Data Source - Selectcount method with custom parameters and custom paging.protected void obds_Selecting(object sender, Object Data Source Selecting Event Args e) { if (!

Lets say customer has properties forename and surname and Address has properties add1 and postcode Could you use an objectdatasource to perform updates on a customer object?

For example, if your objectdatasource had a method update Customer(Byval c as customer) and your gridview had fields forename and surname and add1 and postcode, would the objectdatasource know to map fore... Notice the Item Type is set, rather than using Eval().

The city table records both the Country Id and Country name so I need to pass both the Text and value of the Drop Down List. But the microsoft portal ceview.updating(VS.80)the sample is adding Key / Value to the e. Us the database backup located in the App Data folder to recreate data source. I have attached the Sys file where in you will find all the required constants. Yes the solution you gave is an excellent way without visiting the database to fetch the Country Name the way I solved the problem.

I tried to handle the onupdating event and changing the e. Update the web.config file with the correct connection string to connect to your newly created data source.** Object Data Source Hi KPMT-Technician, Sorry but didnt understand what you mean by "could you run a backup of your data source and post it". In case some constants are missing then the same can by created by you.

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