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6, 2017: The average credit card interest rate remained fixed at 16.15 percent this week, according to the Credit Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. (See Credit weekly rate report)Applying for a 2nd credit card: How long do I wait?

-- Issuers want to see at least six months of responsible repayment activity before approving you for another card. (See Credit history)Balance transfer: the best way to pay down card debt?

20, 2017: Propelled by a Fed rate increase, the average credit card interest rate jumped to a new record high this week, according to the Credit's weekly survey of new card offers. (See Rate Report)Balance Transfer Survey -- Our research finds balance transfers remain generous, even in a rising-rate environment, as card issuers hesitate to hike fees or trim introductory offers. (See Balance transfer survey)I mistakenly paid off my late husband's card. -- The odds of getting an issuer to refund a payment are slim to none, unless it was made to a stranger's account. (See Card payment refund)Low interest, plain vanilla cards rare from major issuers -- To find low rates, cardholders have to look to smaller banks, credit unions ...

(See Card needs change as kids grow)Why carrying a balance on rewards cards is not a good idea -- Paying interest dilutes your rewards, so if you must carry a balance, find a low- or no-interest card and forgo those points and miles. (See Carrying a balance)Average card APR stays put at 16.15 percent for fifth week: Weekly Credit Card Rate Report -- Oct.-- If you’re committed to paying down any lingering card debt, here’s how to tell if a balance transfer will be a cost-effective approach. (See Balance transfer)Rate survey: Average card APR sits tight at 16.15 percent -- Nov.29, 2017: Interest rates on new credit card offers held steady this week, according to the Credit Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. (See Credit weekly rate report)Options for dealing with maxed-out credit cards -- Sometimes you have to get creative when dividing and conquering your card debt. (See Too many maxed-out cards)Q&A: How a balance transfer to 0 percent card affects score -- A 0 percent balance transfer card can help you pay off debt more quickly and boost your score in the long run, but your credit may take a ding at first if you max out the credit limit ...-- If you’re sitting on a pile of rewards and you have card debt, it’s a good idea to at least seriously consider redeeming them for cash ...(See Using rewards to pay down debt)4 credit card trends to watch in 2018 -- Get ready for new rewards and ways to pay, but carrying a balance on your card will become more expensive ...

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Consider these alternatives to restore your financial health. (See Avoiding bankruptcy)How to dig out of business card debt -- If you find yourself with a big balance on a small-business credit card, follow this road map to better financial ground. (See Business card debt)Rate survey: Average card APR climbs to all-time high of 16.38 percent -- Jan.

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