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We have requested the detailed documents which were used to make this Aadhaar card. The guest house where the sex racket was being run from, is owned by two men, residents of Mahendergarh and Rewari. Doubts about the woman's nationality will be cleared soon.If she is an Afghan national, a case under the Foreigners Act may be registered against her," said inspector Vijay Kumar, SHO, Sadar police station.

Even though so many people were aware of instances of abuse, few reported it to the U. One non-governmental organization representative told SIGAR, " released an article about SIGAR's newly-published memo.

American troops deploying to Afghanistan were told that sexual abuse is a “culturally accepted practice” in the country and that it “was not a priority for the command,” according to a Pentagon report.

“In some cases, the interviewees explained that they, or someone whom they knew, were told that nothing could be done about child sexual abuse because of Afghanistan’s status as a sovereign nation, that it was not a priority for the command,” the report said.

The documentation in Pentagon files means commanders were aware of such abuses but kept it secret. troops were quoted as having reported abuses to their superiors, only to be told to mind their own business.“The reason we were here is because we heard the terrible things the Taliban were doing to people, how they were taking away human rights,” Dan Quinn, a former Army Special Forces captain, told the Times. service members suffered repercussions for speaking out. The law was applied with significant success to root out abusers in the military forces of El Salvador and Colombia.

They likely would have continued tolerating the rape of Afghan boys had The New York Times not exposed the practice in a 2015 report. “But we were putting people into power who would do things that were worse than the Taliban did — that was something village elders voiced to me.”Quinn beat up a U. The United States has waived the law’s application in Afghanistan, arguing that it could weaken the tenuous battle against the Taliban.

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According to her Aadhaar card, her name is Jagjeet Kaur and is married to a South Delhi resident.

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