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So here they are: Public Function RXFIND(By Ref find_pattern As Variant, _ By Ref within_text As Variant, _ Optional By Val start_num As Long, _ Optional By Val case_sensitive As Boolean) As Long ' RXFIND - Returns the starting position of text matching the regex pattern ' find_pattern in the string within_text, if a match is found.' Optional long start_num specifies the number of the character in within_text ' to start matching. ' Optional boolean case_sensitive makes the pattern case sensitive if true, ' insensitive otherwise. Public Function ISRXMATCH(By Ref find_pattern As Variant, _ By Ref within_text As Variant, _ Optional By Val case_sensitive As Boolean) As Boolean ' ISRXMATCH - Returns true if the regex pattern find_pattern is matched ' in the string within_text, false otherwise.Probably the more useful of the two is the SCAN function. It was also pointed out more recently that using Is Missing to test for the presence of an optional parameter and provide a default, like so: will not work, as Is Missing works on Variants only, rather than primitive data types.

The address should be the entire content of the cell, so the beginning and ending anchors are used at the start and end of the pattern. I’m really rather slack in leaving it this long – it was pointed out to me several months ago that the way I had passed error values back to the calling cell did not work as intended if the return value was not a Variant.

Value End Property '********************************************************** ' Form controls '********************************************************** Private Sub cmd Cancel_Click() mb OK = False Me. Back Color = vb Inactive Caption Text End With End Sub Private Sub User Form_Initialize() ' Set default values for List range and opt In Place ref List. The project is open for viewing, so code may be inspected or modified as you see fit – please let me know if you discover any errors or anything that could have been done better/smarter.

Hide End Sub Private Sub cmd Ok_Click() mb OK = True Me. Back Color = vb Window Background End With End Sub Private Sub opt In Place_Click() ' grey out and disable ref Extract lbl Extract. This is the first general purpose add-in I’ve created (I have written several application-specific add-ins), so I’d be interested to know if anyone has any feedback on this one.

Value End Property '********************************************************** ' Properties modifying filter operation '********************************************************** ' User selected Copy to range option button Public Property Get Copy To() As Boolean Copy To = opt Copy. In part 2 I was still a little undecided as to how I was going to implement some of the worksheet functions, but now I am more or less satisfied with them.

Value End Property ' User selected Unique values only checkbox Public Property Get Unique Only() As Boolean Unique Only = chk Unique. I’ve bundled the functions into Regex.xla, which is now available for download.

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