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To NEVER abandon characters since I’m not getting what I need, when I need it.

I felt like the story was one of a kind and had everything in it to kept you on your toes.

Sometimes this occurred at the same location, but in the case of strongholds at Iron Age hill forts, such as Burpham (Sussex), Chisbury (Wiltshire), and Pilton (Devon), more suitable locations for defended towns were sought nearby.I’ll disclose to you this, Dating-ish is an ensured book headache. An independent novel that will astonish you with its profundity and power. Truth be told, this is the most HEARTFELT novel I have perused for the current year. While the general development of early emergency measures – where defence policy was determined by inaccessibility and expediency – are testimony to Alfred’s civil defence strategy, the more long-term development of purpose-built towns, around which England’s economy and administration became organised, only took place during the reigns of Alfred’s successors.The major strongholds listed in the Burghal Hidage have received much attention, but landscape research is also now helping to provide a fuller picture, allowing us to identify important early route-ways and river crossing-points.

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