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This upscale and classy Boise restaurant features a stylish martini bar, live jazz nightly, and four varieties of beef: USDA Prime from Chairman’s Reserve, natural and organic grass-fed beef from Oregon’s Painted Hills, American Kobe from Snake River Farms, and Japanese Wagyu.The 8-ounce center cut American Kobe might just be the single best steak you’ll find in the state, especially when paired with housemade béarnaise and a side of crazy good mashed potatoes.That’s the case at Omaha landmark Gorat’s, which has been going strong since 1944.It remained in the Gorat family until 2012, when it was purchased and given a renovation, but the quality and preparation of the steak (which comes from — where else? For the true Buffett experience, do as he does and order the T-bone, rare, with a double order of hash browns, and a Cherry Coke.The restaurant is also one of the best places to sample the South Dakota regional specialty known as chislic, deep-fried chunks of sirloin sprinkled with house seasoning.In a town known for great steak, Jess & Jim’s stands apart from the pack, and did so even before Calvin Trillin put it on the map in 1972, when he named it one of the country’s best steakhouses in Playboy.Offerings include boneless or bone-in New York strip, boneless or bone-in ribeye, filet mignon, T-bone, and a standout 34-ounce porterhouse.

You could go for the KC strip, a cut that this restaurant helped to popularize, but you might as well go all out and order the "Playboy Strip," named in honor of the publication that helped make this place famous: a two-inch-thick, 25-ounce sirloin. The steaks at this elegant and mature 36-year-old Waikiki legend are all USDA Prime, and are grilled over native kiawe (mesquite) wood, giving them a deep, smoky char.Chandler’s also happens to have one of the state’s best seafood selections – you just might forget it’s landlocked.Cattleman’s Club is exactly the type of steakhouse you’d home to find while ambling through Pierre, South Dakota.For those who really want to celebrate being on top of the food chain, there are plenty of exotic meats on offer, including elk, quail, and buffalo (and sometimes ostrich and yak).But if you’re in the mood for UDSA Prime steak, we suggest you go for The Big Steak, a New York strip loin carved tableside and available for two (two pounds) to five (four pounds) guests.

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