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Now type someone’s name into the box marked ‘Send invitation...’ and your contact list should appear.Step 8: Once you’ve added everyone you want on the call - you can have up to nine friends at once - then click on the green Invite button to start the Hangout.Then if you can find the relevant APK for Skype you’ll need to package it so that it will run on Chrome OS. There are several instructional videos on You Tube showing you how to achieve this, so search for ‘run android apps on chrome’ and you’ll be able to try it out.The easiest, and we’d suggest best, alternative to using Skype on a Chromebook is Google’s own Hangouts app.You’ll return to the video screen and others will join as and when they accept the invitation.Step 9: Remember that other people don’t need a Chromebook to take part in a Google Hangout, as the service works on phones and tablets that have the app installed.

Step 5: The left hand column has different options some of which are somewhat playful.

This video messaging service offers many of the same capabilities - including group chats, instant messaging - and if you use it on an Android phone you can also make voice calls to i Phones, i Pads, Chromebooks, and of course Android devices that also have the app installed.

As you have a Chromebook it stands to reason that you also have a Google account, otherwise you couldn’t have logged in to the device.

Step 1: To launch the app go to the bottom left hand corner of the screen and click on the dotted, square icon to open the app tray.

In here you’ll find the green speech bubble icon for Hangouts. Step 2: Now you’ll be presented with a pop up box asking you a few questions about permanent links, people to invite, and a few other small details.

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