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Mostly, the boyfriend, who works as a helper at a general-provision store, pays the bill. “We used to gift each other colorful dhaga (sacred threads) or lockets bought from roadside vendors, meet each other on terraces in our colony and convey our messages through our younger cousins or mutual friends,” Surender said.“We used to meet in desolate lanes and ask the younger ones to be on a lookout. It was years before I took her to have a burger at a Mc Donalds’ outlet in Connaught Place.

We never went to malls as everything there was out of my budget.I was also afraid that they would throw us out because we couldn’t speak English.” The biggest problem for such couples is a space to meet.Between gossiping neighbours and disapproving family members, not to mention the ubiquitous “aunties,” (middle-aged women) dating can require one immediate commitment: taking the time to go somewhere far from where you live. Buddha Jayanti Park, Lodhi Gardens, Deer Park, Millennium Indraprastha Park, the Garden of Five Senses and Kalindi Kunj Park are some of the most popular “lovers’ parks”.These aren’t the people you will meet out at what online restaurant listing service Zomato calls a typical “romantic dinner” for a couple in Delhi, where the cost for two usually starts at 3,000 rupees () and goes as high as 10,000 (5), depending on where you go.A movie date with snacks can cost somewhere around 2,500 rupees to an upper-middle class couple.

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Delhi has a per capita annual income of 300,000 rupees ($4,615) - the highest in the country and three times the national average.

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