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(We do offer training suggestions in our manual ) 2. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Certificates ~ Pups in the Lions Seeing Eye Dog Foundation being used Seeing Eye Dogs ~ 4 x Recipient of the UKC Activity Rewards Program ~ 8 x coveted "TOTAL DOG AWARD" Winner ~ 2011 UKC's All our Poodles have Health, Temperament, Beauty and Brains and the Awards, Certificates and Tiles to back it up !Are you prepared to feed and let the puppy out to toilet (with you there with them to praise) every 6 hours ? Have you found a Groomer in your area and are you prepared to pay their fee every 3 months or learn yourself ? Do you have the patience and time to train a puppy? Have you found a Vet that you would like to have work 'with' you ? We put together a web page on: "Showing and What to Bring to Dog Shows" (For Bijou People only email for info) *Know the Standard Poodle Breed Standard *Events you can do with your Bijou Poodle ... We also offer a 2 year guarantee against congenital or hereditary illness that we test for. *Click to Learn what those OFA numbers mean You can also see what our Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI) numbers are, on each individual Poodle's web page for anyone, at anytime, to Verify.Omegle is a random stranger through random chat comes across.

One of our owners uses a hair blower to dry their Poodle after such outings.

While these may sounds like a trivial reasons, you just have to see a child with their head bleeding or face burnt from hot liquids or a hip operation done on the elderly to put everything back into perspective.

Our dog's are born with a purpose and tail docking helps them best perform that purpose be it Loving Companion or a Service Dog.

After seeing several injured tails from being run over or caught in wheel chairs, and the agony that our dogs experienced, we decided it is in our pup's best interest to avoid any chance of injury, which will only lead to surgical amputation performed as an adult and under general anaesthesia (major surgery).

We also feel that the purpose of our Poodles as pets, is also benefitted by shorter tails as our dogs will not knock over small toddlers or the elderly with their long whip like tails or clear any coffee table drinks.

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Are you prepared to be a responsible owner and not have your dog bark or disturb your neighbors ? You understand that Bijou Poodles will at any time in the puppy's life take that puppy back, no matter what. We do not do refunds, as our pups are not disposable nor do we offer "test runs". They do arrive as confident happy puppies willing and eager to learn from you. Please Read: Am I really Ready for my first Puppy ? Bijou Poodles requires a $200.00 deposit to secure a puppy from our Litter. Did you fill out our Application Do you do Health Testing? ~ 4 AKC CA Titled (Coursing Ability Title) AKC's First Standard Poodle IN AKC HISTORY !!!

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