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‘It’s one of the ugliest types of cyber bullying we’ve seen.’ Candid Wueest said taping over the camera is one of the simplest but most effective ways to protect yourself.‘I cover up mine, on all my laptops, and just uncover it when I need to use it,’ he told uk. Hackers can use malware to compromise your machine.Bitcoin's price has fallen by 57 per cent from £14,000 in December to less than £6,000 last night.It is thought that hundreds of thousands of Britons invested in the cryptocurrency last year and Lloyds is worried that its temperamental condition could lead to massive losses for customers.

Businesses have seized the opportunity to charge more, imposing new ‘service charges’ or extra commission to ensure they don’t lose out.Candid said he’s aware of ‘a few 100 cases in the UK each month’ – but the true number could be much higher, as many people don’t go to the police because of the nature of the crime. This isn’t recommended though, as there’s no guarantee it will stop the hackers from coming back.The best thing is protect your computer in the first place – and avoid doing anything in front of a camera that you wouldn’t want your colleagues to see.The way it works is that people somehow download malware onto their laptop – often by clicking a suspicious link – which installs software to take over the computer.Hackers can then see everything you visit online, what you type on the keyboard, the files you open, and they can control your webcam and microphone.

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Besides stealing credit card details, they can spy on you.

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